Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05)

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  • Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05) Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05) Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05)
  • Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05) Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05) Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05)
  • Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05) Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05) Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05)
  • Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-05)

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The Datsusara Hemp Combat Gi is the worlds first 100% Hemp Gi made for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we have been making hemp BJJ gis since 2008. Due to the properties of hemp the gi naturally fights microbes like staph and other nasties, it breathes well, it's 4X as strong as cotton and environmentally friendly too. Great for rolling in any weather and so comfortable you could wear them as pajamas on off days.

Some sizes sold out, more coming in Summer 2015, we hope by late June, stay tuned.

• Made of durable
100% Hemp (Why Hemp)• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style weave and cut
• Jacket made of a 17oz (580gsm) long fiber weave (very breathable)
• Pants made of 11oz (376gsm) long fiber twill
• UVA foam collar
• Rope style draw string, easy to get in and out of
• Reinforced stitching for strength and durability
• Machine washable: Due to the properties of the hemp blend the gi actually gets softer and more comfortable with each wash while retaining it's strength, it wears in rather than wearing out
• Featuring the Japanese Mon (crest) representing hemp on the left arm and upper center back

Important notes:

Make sure to machine wash and dry your hemp gi at least 2 times (cold water for minimum shrinkage and hot for maximum) before use. 100% hemp tends to shed especially when new, but after a few washes it sheds very little and we think it's worth it for the 100% hemp properties.

hoose size carefully, considering up to 5% shrinkage in hot water. We can do exchanges but the gi must be in new condition with tags intact and you will need to pay for shipping both ways. We also do not offer split sizes at this time.

Care Tips


Bags: You will likely never need to wash your Datsusara bag as hemp stays naturally clean due to it's antimicrobial and breathing properties. In case you do we recommend you only hand wash in cold water (cold water prevents material shrinkage) and line dry. It is possible to machine wash the bags but it's tricky and we cannot warranty against damage from machine washing.

Fightwear and Apparel: For gis, shorts and other apparel you can wash however you want. But don't use any bleach as it weakens the hemp, and do keep in mind the hotter the water the more the hemp will shrink. We strongly recommend machine washing a new gi at least 1-3 times to prevent shedding of the material which occurs naturally with our 100% hemp gis.


Datsusara provides a 3 year warranty on bags and a 1 year warranty on fightwear or apparel against faulty manufacturing. If your item breaks in any way due to a fault in manufacturing while under warranty we will repair or replace it free of charge. Please do remember this does not cover natural wear and tear as any natural fiber will wear over time, faster if you are rough on your gear. Datsusara reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim that it deems to be the consumers fault due to misuse, such as loading up bags with C4 or practicing Jiu Jitsu with badgers. That being said at our discretion we may offer you our wear and tear discount which starts at 30% for year 1, 20% for year two and 10% for year 3.


We accept most products in their original, odor-free, unused or unworn condition (with any tags) for up to 30 days from the date of shipment, exceptions are t-shirts, rash guards and underwear (which cannot be returned for sanitary reasons). You may either receive store credit or a refund, less all shipping costs and a $1 restock fee per item (please understand that we are a small company and it would hurt us greatly if we had to pay for shipping expenses and restocking costs on non defective returns).
Contact dsinfo@dsgear for all warranty/return issues and please provide a picture of the damage along with a description.


We ship via Fedex and USPS to nearly every country worldwide*. You will be given a choice of shipping options for your location at checkout. There is also a shipping calculator that you can use on the cart page once you have added your items (if it doesn't work you can still see rates before you agree to payment). Your order will ship within 24 hours Monday-Friday excluding holidays and pre-orders (which ship by the date mentioned on the product's page). A tracking number will be sent to your email.

For US domestic shipments the options range from 1-5 days of transit time. For Canada options range from a few days to a few weeks. For International orders we have options ranging from around a week with USPS Express, 1-4 weeks Priority and up to 2 months for First Class (only for very small or light items). For international shipments please understand that customs in your country may charge import fees (although we value our shipments at a fraction of their retail cost) and delay the shipment at their discretion. Hence delivery times are estimates and while we can't guarantee a delivery date 99.9% of packages reach their destination.

* We only ship to Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Ukraine only by special request due to frequent fraudulent orders from these countries.


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Size Chart

We suggest you measure and compare your current gi in CM to know your best size choice.
Gi will shrink up to 5% after washing (cold water wash only for less shrinkage).
Weight and height suggestions are approximate.

A1 5’4” - 5”8, 155lbs (163cm - 173cm, 70kg)
A2 5’8” - 5’11”, 185lbs (173cm - 180cm, 84kg)
A3 5’11” - 6’3”, 210lbs (180cm - 191cm, 95kg)
A4 6’2” - 6’6”, 250lbs (188cm - 201cm, 113kg)
A5 6’5” - 6’10”, 290lbs (196cm - 208cm, 132kg)

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