August 23, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

"Se vuoi lo sconto dimmelo prima cosi alzo il prezzo."
english translation - If you want a discount, tell me first so I can raise my prices.

These words are displayed behind the counter at my favorite Italian Deli, Genova Delicatessen. Genova is a family run business, a classic Italian deli where food is lovingly prepared by people that truly care, but also have no time for playing marketing games bu offering promotions and discounts. In my opinion, and judging by the constant crowds, they need not play these games as their focus provides for an excellent end product and that is where true value lies.

This example of a well run business has stuck with me over the years. Datsusara has always  focused on making our products as best we can. I despise the idea of marketing focused companies that place image first and spend their energies trying to look cool or draw the largest customer base in just to sell them poorly thought out, low quality products they probably don't need in the first place.

This being said not every product we make lives up to our high standards despite our focus. Sometimes we offer discounts and we do some limited marketing, mostly just to let folks know we exist and give them an idea of what we are all about, this blog post is an example of that. But we like to keep things simple and focused here, and one way is by not playing the discount game.

Some of you may have noticed that even our small 5% discount codes that were offered via the podcasts we love and sponsor, are no longer active. I made this call for a number of reasons but it stems from the philosophy being discussed here. I found that for one that these codes would get placed onto those gross discount code websites, which meant that everyone that did a quick web search was getting a discount, which in turn made it impossible to know where the referrals were coming from while costing us a good deal on the bottom line. I also found that we were spending a lot of time dealing with customers looking for deals, wondering if there was a better discount code, a sale for some holiday, or any number of other time consuming questions that distracted us from doing good work here.

Also this isn't just about saving us the inconvenience, this is about saving everyones time. Time after all is the most valuable commodity we have. I may be a capitalist at the end of the day but compulsory consumerism makes me sick, it's an ugly thing that I don't want to promote. When someone tricks you into spending money by telling you you'll save on a product that you were not committed to enough to pay full price for, well, to me that's dishonest trickery and a waste of time playing games.

Near every business plays these games because they have been shown to effectively increase sales and not because it's saving the consumer in the long run. Especially since these business always bake these costs into their prices so essentially people are paying extra for the perceived deal which comes only at the end of endless marketing campaigns being shoved in your face.

I decided to cut down on the problem here at Datsusara by discontinuing all public discount codes while simply to keeping the prices straight forward (notice we don't play the .99 game either) and reasonable for everyone.

We may have other offerings in the future but only if they are honest, tasteful and don't interfere with our main mission "To create the best sustainable products for responsible individuals seeking truth."

As always, I thank you for your ongoing support and wish y'all the best.

-Chris Odell
President & Creative Director of Datsusara