Datsusara needs you for a special mission.

by Christopher Odell May 25, 2012 0 Comments


Help Datsusara and be a part of hemp history!

Dear fellow Datsusaras,

Yesterday I went to a casting call and submitted myself and Datsusara for consideration on the ABC TV show Shark Tank. If you don't know the show it basically a reality show for entrepreneurs to get funding and support for their business. So why am I bothering you about this? Because it may be the most important thing I have ever done and I want you to be a part of it.

Hemp is still illegal to produce in the USA and that's why all of our products are imported. There is a long history here that I won't get into but the short story is politics, fear and lies have kept hemp illegal for over 50 years even though it's an amazing plant that could revitalize the country and help save our ecology. A big part of my company mission is to change the world view on hemp products by showing that they are extremely functional and not just for stoners and hippies.

If we can get Datsusara on Shark Tank (which is an ABC network show) then we can raise hemp awareness and demand to heights unseen since the 1900's and with any luck sway the powers that be to let this crop be produced in the USA once again. But first we have to get the powers at ABC to understand that millions of real people care about hemp. That's why I need your support in this.

We are going to send a wave of hemp support to the Shark Tank producers so they can see that having us on will also be an amazing ratings boost for them rather than an issue they need to avoid as a family show. Shark Tank is very popular but still doesn't have much activity on social media so this will get noticed and will work if we all band together. Here is what we are doing....

A call to action!


Send a tweet like this " @Minz15 I want to see Datsusara hemp gear on @ABCSharkTank " add anything else you feel would help, age, sex, if you have kids, etc.


Post on the 
Shark Tank ABC page saying something like " I want to see Datsusara hemp gear on Shark Tank " add anything else you feel would help or customize completely.


SharkTankCasting@yahoo.com by clicking the link. Say something just like above  " I want to see Datsusara hemp gear on Shark Tank "  or come up with your own message.

Forward this to anyone that might want to join the mission. I thank you for your time , now lets make hemp history!

Christopher Odell
Datsusara, "Natural Integrity"
Founder & CEO

Christopher Odell
Christopher Odell


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