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    The Datsusara Martial Arts Uniform was originally conceived by Datsusara founder Chris Odell as an alternative to the typical gi or no-gi Jiu Jitsu uniforms. However the design is very versatile for use in other martial arts, sports, or even just as comfortable casual wear.

    The Martial Arts Uniform offers full length coverage but with a no hassle closed top, and is far more comfortable to wear when sweaty partners and wet mats are an issue. It is designed to withstand full contact training including the use of grips. It also provides a more street realistic cut and friction level to better simulate a self defense situation.

    In addition, due to the properties of hemp, the uniform naturally fights microbes like staph and other nasties, it breathes well, it's extremely durable and environmentally friendly too.

    Important sizing notes:

    Choose size carefully using the size size guide link to the right of the price, and considering up to 3% shrinkage in a hot water wash and dry. We also suggest you upsize if in between sizes or say if you normally wear a men's medium and have muscular legs, then go for the large.

    Although these were designed more for men we find they work for women as well but the sizes are designated in men's standard sizes. We can do exchanges but the uniform must be in new condition with tags intact and you will need to pay for shipping. We do not offer split sizes at this time.

    • Made of a durable 55/45% Hemp/Recycled Polyester Blend (Why Hemp?)
    • Weight: XS-XXL 2.2-2.8lbs (1-1.3kgs)
    • Somewhat unisex although designed for men, see pictures above for example
    • Secure MMA style velcro waist closure
    • Inside waist velcro closure pocket 3.5x3.5" (9x9cm)
    • Reinforced stitching for strength and durability
    • Machine washable: Due to the properties of the hemp blend the uniform actually gets softer and more comfortable with each wash while retaining it's strength, it wears in rather than wearing out
    • Featuring the Japanese Mon (crest) representing hemp on the left leg and center back of the waistband


    “These Things Are Indestructable"
    -Joe Rogan

    Take it from the experts, our gear is built to last. They’re tough enough to take some hits wherever you go. Whatever you gotta do, do it with Datsusara.

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    Rated 4.8/5 by Real Customers

    order your GI, upgrade your game, save your money.

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    Unbox your new ultra-strong GI gear, that’s super comfortable and unrestrictive so you can unleash the best you.

    made to out-last

    Made to out-do and out-last any non-hemp gear on the market, so this is the last GI you’ll ever need to buy.

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    Rated 4.8/5 by Real Customers

    extreme durabilty & comfort for peak performance


    Get a kit you finally won’t have to replace (and wont want to). Why? Because its made with superior hemp that resists wear and tear, saving you time and money.

    uncompromizing comfort

    Made to be lightweight and breathable to give you a whole new level of comfort and freedom.

    unleash the best you

    Feel like a pro, look like a pro, and fight like a pro when you suit up with DS gear.

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    Rated 4.8/5 by Real Customers

    Over 10 Years Of Creating equipment That Battles Through Life With You.

    10+ Years Of Creating equipment That Battles Through Life With You.

    Most pieces of equipment are built to fall apart after a year. That’s because the company that made it wants you to buy another one. That’s dumb, and it’s wasteful.

    We do things a little differently here at Datsusara: we make quality products that are built to last.

    What’s our secret? We make our products from hemp.

    Now, we’ve heard that many of our fans are familiar with a certain hemp-derived product. But what a lot of people don’t know is, hemp is a freakin’ awesome material for making cool stuff.

    It’s environmentally friendly, it’s breathable, and it’s tough as nails. And most importantly — treat it right, and it’ll last you a long, long time. (Or, hell, just treat it okay. It can take a beating.)

    If that’s something you vibe with, we highly recommend you pick up some of our gear.

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    Rated 4.8/5 by Real Customers


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Andrew Martin
    Good on and off the Matt

    My buddy Matt looks great in it!
    Bad jokes aside, this is a great uniform. I'm a sucker for the Datsusara aesthetic and it translated perfectly into this garment. I'm not passionate about martial arts, but I am passionate about clothes. And the harmony of function and form that I look for in clothes is evident in this garment. If you're passionate about martial arts, I'm confident you'll love this.

    Johnathan Barrow
    As Advertised

    Bought this a little over a year ago and it has settled well with regular use and washing. the hemp has only gotten softer and has held up to use with grips. I only wish the velcro on the pants would last longer but i don't think much can be done to help there. Overall its an awesome comfortable UNIQUE alternative in my gear rotation.

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    Customers Usually Ask

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    Rated 4.8/5 by Real Customers


    DS Gear is built to last. That’s why we can offer a 3-year warranty. If for whatever reason it breaks down, just let us know and we’ll give you a new one, free of charge.

    In Stock

    Rated 4.8/5 By Real Customers

    Martial Arts Uniform