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Combat Gi, Men's, Hemp Gear for Victory, Special Edition

We have decided to finally introduce a Hemp Combat Gi into our Hemp Gear for Victory line of gear.

This gi is OD green and features vintage military style branding. The chest displays our stencil "DATSUSARA" logo. Our mon logo representing hemp can be found on the left arm and back of the neck. The opposite arm feature an American combat flag also in OD green. Embroidered on the skirt of the gi is the slogan "hemp gear for victory".

Datsusara is and always will be a proud supporter of our men and women in uniform. We will continue to donate to and support our military and first responders.     

The Original Datsusara Hemp Combat Gi was the worlds first 100% Hemp Gi made for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have been proudly making Hemp BJJ gis since 2008.

Due to the properties of hemp, the gi naturally fights microbes like staph and other nasties, breathes well, is 4X as strong as cotton, and is environmentally friendly too. They're great for rolling in any weather and so comfortable you could wear them as pajamas on off days.

This gi alsocomes with a special edition nasty bag featuring the art work found on the gi.      

Important notes:
Make sure to machine wash and dry your hemp gi 2 times (cold water for minimum shrinkage and hot for maximum) before use to prevent any shedding of the natural 100% hemp material.

Choose size carefully, considering up to 3% shrinkage in hot water. We can do exchanges but the gi must be in new condition with tags intact and you will need to pay for shipping both ways. We also do not offer split sizes at this time.

  • Made of durable100% Hemp (Why Hemp?)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style weave and cut
  • Jacket made of a 17oz (580gsm) long fiber weave (very breathable)
  • Pants made of 11oz (376gsm) long fiber twill
  • Total gi weight: A0-A5 3.6-5lbs (1.6-2.3kg)
  • UVA foam collar
  • Braided cord draw string, easy to get in and out of
  • Reinforced accent stitching for strength and durability
  • Machine washable: Due to the properties of the hemp blend the gi actually gets softer and more comfortable with each wash while retaining it's strength, it wears in rather than wearing out
  • Featuring the inverted fungus mushroom mon logo
  • The Algerian Tassili mushroom shaman patches on the left shoulder and pants
  • Reenforced double stitch knees featuring the embroidered Metatron Cube sacred geometry pattern