All About Datsusara

“If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you'll spend your life completely wasting your time. You'll be doing things you don't like doing in order to go on living, that is to go on doing thing you don't like doing."
-Alan Watts

Datsusara” (Dot-sue-sah-rah) is a Japanese phrase that means “one who escapes the corporate workers life”, this also infers to then live a fulfilling life.




The Mission of Datsusara



To connect inner truth with the external environment by offering the best sustainable products.



The Method, Culture and Philosophy of Datsusara

We create things to last the test of time. We do this via our high quality standards and by not catering to transitory fashions or trends. We work with natural, sustainable materials like hemp and organic cotton and use recycled and/or synthetic materials only when they are critical to a product's lifecycle or function.


We do our best to contribute in a positive, meaningful way to this world. We seek to eliminate all manors of waste, especially the wasting of one’s time. We abhor compulsive consumerism, planned obsolesce, manipulative advertising and wage slavery. We encourage and support healthy balanced lifestyles for everyone, especially those that work with us. From the fields to the factory to the office we are always pursuing a better way to do business.


We encourage all individuals to live a liberated, fulfilling life in accord with our natural environment. We hope you will join us and become a Datsusara.




The Origin Story of Datsusara

Written by Datsusara founder, Christopher Odell


I chose the name "Datsusara” for the company as it expressed exactly what I was feeling when I founded the business in 2007. I was working a dead end job that kept me tied to a desk most of the day and left me feeling extremely unhealthy and unfulfilled. So I decided to find something to do that really mattered to myself and would hopefully help the world in the process.


At the time my new love was MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I found the practice to be quite liberating on many levels. So I thought to start by making something for my fellow martial artists since most of the gear we used wasn’t functional or high quality. I also had an older, well-established love for hemp products. I knew that hemp was an extremely versatile, sustainable resource that could be used to make excellent fabrics, foods, body care products and more. So I decided to make a better bag featuring hemp textiles. In addition to the environmental benefits, hemp fabric also breathes well, is naturally antimicrobial, and nature's strongest fiber, which makes for a perfect gym bag. I then took my 3k of savings in the world and turned it into our first 100 units, many of which are still in service today I can proudly say.


Since then we have grown and embraced our greater mission to provide for anyone seeking high quality, functional, environmentally synergistic products (working with nature instead of trashing our world to make useless garbage). Our more subversive mission to encourage individuals to live a fulfilling life with purpose is also advancing through many means including the “The Datsusara Podcast”.


To all of our supporters out there, thank you so much, your support means the world to myself and everyone at Datsusara.




Christopher Odell

Datsusara, Founder and Creative Director