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When it comes to discounts or “specials” we are not your normal company. Most companies keep their prices inflated assuming they will offer discounts that make people feel like they are getting a deal when in fact they are not. We don’t do that, in fact believe it or not our markup is far lower than just about anyone in the retail business. We source a rare and expensive material, hemp, and then I work very hard to make sure we adhere to good labor standards and a very high level of quality. Making this gear is really quite difficult and probably we should charge far more. Most biz people that see our books think we’re insane to price things as low as we do. But we are trying to keep things affordable for everyone and not play games with regular specials and discounts.

There are times when we will offer a small sale if our stock levels allow or we need to make some room for new inventory, these sales will be announced via our social media outlets Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.


Datsusara provides a 3 year warranty on bags and a 1 year warranty on fightwear or apparel against faulty manufacturing. If your item breaks in any way due to a fault in manufacturing while under warranty we will cover the cost of a repair for minor issues or replace it for larger issues free of charge. Please do remember this does not cover natural wear and tear as any natural fiber will wear over time, faster if you are rough on your gear. Datsusara reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim that it deems to be the consumers fault due to misuse, such as loading up bags with C4 or practicing Jiu Jitsu with badgers.

That being said at our discretion we may offer you our wear and tear discount which starts at 30% for year 1, 20% for year two and 10% for year 3.

Please provide a picture and description of the problem along with your original order number with your request to dsinfo@dsgear.com


We accept any product in its original, odor-free, unused or unworn condition, with tags attached for up to 30 days from the date of shipment. You may either receive store credit or a refund, less all shipping costs and a $1 restock fee per item (please understand that we are a small company and it would hurt us greatly if we had to pay for shipping expenses and restocking costs on non-defective returns).

If you would like to exchange your item, please follow these easy peasy steps:

  1. Contact us as dsinfo@dsgear.com with your original order number as well as a picture of the item you are returning (this helps us verify that it is new, and lets us refund your purchase before receiving it back at headquarters, cutting down on your wait time).
  2. Indicate whether you would like a store credit (receiving a store credit allows you to exchange the item for a different size/etc.) or refund.
  3. Mail your item back to the address provided, forward the tracking number and receive your credit/refund.

Product releases

Please check the product page of interest at dsgear.com first, there you will often find information on anticipated restock dates. There you can also sign up for an email alert which will notify you as soon as the item comes back into stock or is ready for pre-order. New product releases are often announced via our email list (you can sign up for that at dsgear.com), or via our social media outlets Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.


We love hearing from you! Each email is handled personally, by a member of our local team, not some rep off in an office somewhere that sends off scripted responses. So please do be patient as we try to not tie people to a desk here so non urgent matters might take a bit longer to get a response but do know that we care and pay attention to each every email we receive.  If you have a comment or feedback to share about your experience with Datsusara, please email dsinfo@dsgear.com. We also very much appreciate any testimonials you might want to share via any social media outlet especially on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

Website Payment Issues

If you tried to make a payment on our website, and received a message that the payment failed but you still see a charge on your account, it means that the banking system has put a temporary hold on the funds. The failed payment is a pending transaction that will never go through.

Please do not panic, these are temporary authorizations, they will not post but sometimes take 24-48 hours to fall off.

Each time you make a payment attempt and the payment attempt fails or declines, a warning message from our site pops up saying you that there may be a temporary authorization hold on the funds.

The most common reasons that you will receive a payment failed message are:

  1. Your billing address and/or zip code does not match what is on file with your financial institution. Please check the exact address with them.
  2. Your CVV code is incorrect

If you tried to pay multiple times, and received the message that the payment failed multiple times, you may see multiple holds on your funds.  These charges are all pending, and should not go through. The transactions may show up as pending transactions on your credit card or bank statement until your financial institution releases the holds. Sometimes you can call your bank or card company and get them to release the hold sooner by explaining that it was a failed transaction but in our experience the reps rarely understand what is going on and they can’t fix things.

In short, we don’t have your money unless the transaction goes through and there is nothing we can do to fix this or make the hold drop off faster, so please be patient or take it up with your institution.

Care Instructions

Bags: You will likely never need to wash your Datsusara bag as hemp stays naturally clean due to its antimicrobial and breathing properties. In case you do we recommend you only hand wash in cold water (cold water prevents material shrinkage) and line dry. It is possible to machine wash the bags but it's tricky and we cannot warranty against damage from machine washing.

Fightwear and Apparel: For gis, shorts and other apparel you can wash however you want but we recommend more gentle cycles and lower heat with machines to maximize product life, and do keep in mind the hotter the water the more the hemp and any other natural fibers will shrink. Do not use any bleach as it weakens the hemp, if you need a similar product tri Oxiclean but best is a simple natural laundry detergent or something like Rockin Green (their sport detergent is amazing) for heavily soiled stuff. We strongly recommend machine washing a new gi at least 1-3 times to prevent shedding of the material which occurs naturally with our 100% hemp gis.


We ship via Fedex and USPS to nearly every country worldwide*. You will be given a choice of shipping options for your location at checkout. There is also a shipping calculator that you can use on the cart page once you have added your items (if it doesn't work you can still see rates before you agree to payment). Your order will ship within 24 hours Monday-Friday excluding holidays and pre-orders (which ship by the date mentioned on the product's page). A tracking number will be sent to your email by the evening that it ships.

For US domestic shipments the options range from 1-5 days of transit time. For Canada options range from a few days to a few weeks. For International orders we have options ranging from around a week with USPS Express, 1-4 weeks Priority and up to 2 months for First Class (only for very small or light items). For international shipments please understand that customs in your country may charge import fees (although we value our shipments at a fraction of their retail cost) and delay the shipment at their discretion. Hence delivery times are estimates and while we can't guarantee a delivery date 99.9% of packages reach their destination.

* We only ship to Vietnam and Ukraine by special request due to frequent fraudulent orders from these countries.

Sizing Information

Sizing information is often available at our website (dsgear.com) on the product page for the item of interest. Most of our gear, especially the bags, have very detailed measurement information on their product page in the "Details" tab below the images. Size charts for our gis can be found on the product page by the “size” option. If you are unsure if your gear will fit in a certain size bag, we encourage you to take a look at the very precise measurements we have available on the site and compare that to the size of your current gear and make an educated guess, also check out all of the photos for a product as often there will be very helpful images there.

We get a lot of emails with people asking questions like can I fit this group of items into this bag or what not but we can’t answer these questions with any sort of real accuracy. We ask that you compare your gear to the precise measurements we have listed on the website, this should help you accurately determine what will work for you.


In regards to sponsorships we do not operate like your standard gear company. We don't have the resources to sponsor people en masse even if we wanted to, this is in part because we keep our products as affordable as possible to all of our customers. You will occasionally see people that say we sponsor them but most of the time these are friends or gym mates that we know fairly well and we hooked them up personally and we only traded for gear that they already loved for helping spread the word. We have decided not to do regular sponsorships like most companies because we would want to make sure anyone representing us has integrity and we can't tell that by a fight record or short bio. Really the current system that most companies use grosses us out and we don’t want to be a part of it, both parties should care about much more than just advertising and free gear.

But thank you for your interest and for understanding our position on sponsorships. We may someday come up with a different system but only if it ensures the integrity of both parties.

Labor Practices, Country of Origin, Manufacturing or Material Questions

Long story short most of our gear is made in China at factories that adhere to very high working condition standards, in fact they are better in this regard than many US factories as surprising as that might sound. Plus our hemp is sourced from China where it has been legal and masterfully developed for thousands of years, they simply make the best hemp textiles on the planet and their factories are the best at working with it.

We also push the quality envelope with all of our manufacturers, in doing this we have discovered that it’s not that China can’t make quality goods it’s that most people only ask them for low cost goods and they don’t care about sacrificing quality to get that low cost. We have found when you pay people a fair wage and ask for high quality work then things usually go quite well and you the end user get a nice product that actually helps the environment and employs good people regardless of what part of this flying ball in space they call home.

For more detail please see our blog post on Manufacturing in China and if you still have a more specific questions feel free to ask and we’ll get back to you when we have time.