Sport Socks

Sold out! New version coming in early 2017

Datsusara Sports Socks are your basic sport sock, but better. Thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties of Hemp they stay fresher a little longer and breathe well. We also used Organic Cotton for this blend so it's also a very eco friendly sock for those that care. However this was our first stab at making socks so they are a work in progress, we have noticed that they shed a lot of lint. So if you can handle a little black lint on your feet you can get these at the very low introductory price. Only available in black for now, and in two men sizes M-9-10.5 and L-10.5-12 (euro 42-44, 44-46) but they have a snug fit so likely ladies and men with slightly smaller feet could enjoy them as well.