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Pocket, Sport, Bath, Beach & Yoga Towels

Only bath size in stock for now, more coming late summer.

Our hemp towels are the world's first flat weave hemp blend towels. The new version features improved durability along with a new color pattern and a beach/yoga size.

Long have we been searching for the perfect towel that would be naturally anti-microbial, absorbent, fast drying, compact and extremely durable while also being made from sustainable textiles. At last we have done exactly that by making the world's first flat weave hemp towels. These work great as all all purpose towel but they are particularly handy when using for travel or the gym as they take up only a fraction of space compared to standard towels.

You'll also find that they easily air dry between uses which means they'll stay very fresh vs the all too frequent towel funk that builds on regular towels, so they are particularly great for the bath and the sport size makes a nice kitchen or hand towel. Once you've experienced these we're confident you'll never go back to standard towels.

Note: The latest version is much more durable but also take a few more washes to be broken in and function at peak absorbency, it will wear in rather than wear out.

  • Made from 49% Hemp 51% organic cotton (Why Hemp?)
  • Pocket size 10x10" (26 x 26cm)
  • Sport size 22 x 15" (56 x 38cm)
  • Bath size  56 x 27" (142 x 69cm)
  • Beach & Yoga size 72x30" (183 x 76cm)
  • Ultra compact, fast drying, and durable flat weave
  • Machine washable