T-shirt, Men's Athletic Fit Crew, Street Fighter

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Our Men's Athletic Fit Crew T-shirts are made with a 100% natural fiber blend of hemp and organic cotton. Also the print was done using water based inks which makes these shirts the most eco-friendly shirts we've made yet.

So with all of this awesome why are they on sale so cheap? Well just about everything went wrong in the process of making these shirts. Not only did they take over six months to make but the "athletic cut" came out a bit too athletic, so you'll want to size up unless you are very slim for you size and really if you have a gut or handles you'll want to skip these shirts unless you like to suck it in all day. There is also a typo on the printed care label and because of how that printed care label was done, we couldn't print the design we wanted on the back of the shirts as intended. So it was almost a complete disaster and we are offering them at well below cost to make up for our mistakes.

Still these are our most eco-firendly shirts yet, they feature a nice print, and they are comfortable and durable. We hope you'll forgive us and enjoy the fair price.