Eddie Bravo Gi Pants


Some sizes sold out, and this may be a limited one time run so get yours while you can.

We teamed up with Eddie as we know how much he loves wearing gi pants and we thought it only right to honor this innovator by making a special edition for him. These pants are made with the same high quality anti-microbial, breathable, strong, sustainable 100% hemp twill fabric that you expect from Datsusara. They also feature design elements chosen by Eddie himself which gives these pants a bold touch we hope you'll enjoy. 

Great for BJJ or just basic work out gear, and yet they are so comfortable you could wear them as pajamas on off days.

• Made of durable 100% Hemp twill, 11oz (376gsm) long fiber (Why Hemp?)
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cut
• Rope style draw string
• Machine washable: Due to the properties of the hemp blend the gi actually gets softer and more comfortable with each wash while retaining it's strength, it wears in rather than wearing out