Gi Belt (HGB-02)

Natural White

About Our Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi Belt

We spent a good deal of time refining the Datsusara Hemp Gi Belt but it's finally back and this time we have all adult belt colors. Due to the properties of Hemp the gi belt naturally fights microbes like staph and other nasties, it's 4X as strong as cotton and environmentally friendly too. We went with 8 rows of strong stitching, rank sleeves,and a 3mm foam core for durability with short drying times (so please wash your belts, there is no honor in transmitting germs). Fully competition legal. These are excellent belts that will last a very long time while preforming very well.

Please note 2 things. These belts are 4cm wide, which not unusual, but some find them thin. Also the blue color we chose is not baby blue and tends to look a little on the purple side for some people, others like it, just be aware please.