Vanguard Chopsticks

Be impressively prepared with your travel Vanguard Chopsticks from Datsusara. No longer suffer the horrors of evil splinter bearing, tree wasting disposable chopsticks! What we have here is the ultimate utensil solution for the cultured, wise adventurer.

The wood tips are made from East African Blackwood (a.k.a. ebony), this wood is extremely durable and combined with the stainless steel grips we expect these to last a lifetime. These are also easy to carry in your bag or pocket as the tips unscrew and fit inside the grips for easy storage (like a fancy pool cue). Included is a nice hemp canvas case for easy storage.

For you sensitive and informed souls we want you to know that although this type of ebony is not an endangered species yet we realize that the demand for dark hardwoods is a growing problem. We will be donating a significant portion from the sales of these chopsticks into an organization that helps educate the public about ebony, while replanting and maintaining the population of these amazing trees.


  • Grips: Stainless Steel, Tips: East African Blackwood
  • Case: 100% Hemp canvas (Why Hemp?)
  • Stowed in case size 5x1.6x.4" (12.5x4x1cm)
  • Extended chopsticks only size 8.2x.4x.4" (21x1x1cm)
  • Laser etched "DATSUSARA" and Japanese Mon (crest) representing Hemp 
  • Weight: Chopsticks 1oz (28g), Case 1oz (28g)