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  • 3 min read

    "If you meet Datsusara, shoot them." - Zen Master Blumoshil

    Since the inception of Datsusara I have considered it our duty to be truthful in all things.  This value also applies to all of our "lifestyle" images that you see on this website or elsewhere. When you see a person in our photos it's either Datsusara staff, family and friends, or our fans from around the world that have shared their photos with us.

    It's very important to me that we keep it this way because it wouldn't feel right to pay some model to pose in a staged setting. I want to show real people doing the things they love with gear they actually use. There is something special about seeing the real thing in action.

    This does however mean that we require higher quality photos than your average casual shooter might take and I very much appreciate the care and time it takes to get great pictures. In order to encourage folks to submit more qualifying photos we have an ongoing contest called "Shoot a Datsusara".

    The "Shoot a Datsusara" offers a $100 store credit bounty for any photo submission that we choose to be featured. We are pretty picky over here so don't get too excited but we very much want these photos, especially for gear in the store that doesn't yet have any lifestyle shots or perhaps has been updated to a new version and hence needs new shots.

    There are a number of requirements, directions and suggestions if you wish to have your photo considered, lets get into that now for those interested.


    1. All photos must be shot in landscape (horizontal) format and at least 2048x1365px. We can't use square or portrait pics. But lets say you post a photo on Instagram in their preferred square size, just keep the original landscape picture in case we choose your submission.

    2. Main subjects must either be wearing only Datsusara clothing and using only Datsusara gear or make sure no other branding can clearly be seen in the shot.

    3. By submitting your photo you allow us full usage rights for online or print use. We don't want get crazy with the legalities so we'll trust this to a virtual handshake.

    1. To submit a photo (meeting the above requirements) either:
    a. Email the picture directly to us with the subject line "Shoot a Datsusara"
    b. Post the picture on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter. Make sure to tag us and please use the hashtag #shootadatsusara so we know it's a contest submission.

    a. If you want that bounty, send in your best. If you have no professional experience just keep in mind we want interesting subjects in interesting places, good lighting, good framing etc. (just imagine you're shooting for National Geographic ;)
    b. We are looking primarily for shots of people (or their companion animals) with their Datsusara gear, not just the gear by itself. We want to see why, when, how and where.
    c. Get shots of gear we don't yet have lifestyle pics for or shots that are better than what we currently feature.
    Here are a few rough examples of the kind of pictures we are looking for:

    Any qualifying pictures submitted will be reviewed and we will contact you to arrange your bounty payment if your shot is one of the chosen.

    I know many of you have already share great photos with us and I hope this will motivate and reward you for your efforts. Please know that if we select your photo or not, myself and the team very much appreciate your support!

    -Chris Odell
    President & Creative Director of Datsusara

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