#5 - Mark Cheng - Training, Healing & Balance

#5 - Mark Cheng - Training, Healing & Balance

May 17, 2016

Dr. Mark Cheng has carved a unique path in the world of human performance as both a sought-after clinician and a respected strength & conditioning coach / martial arts researcher. He talk to us about how he became a healer after training in the martial arts for many year. Also discussed is the lack of balance seen in modern martial arts between fighting and healing knowledge.

His background in traditional East Asian medicines (with a Ph.D. in Chinese medicine & acupuncture), instructorships in a variety of martial arts (including Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Kali certification under the legendary Dan Inosanto), and extensive experience as a faculty member of both Functional Movement Systems and StrongFirst has led him to develop a "combat clinical" perspective on developing, training, & healing the body.

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