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In this episode we change things up and talk with Kathy Odell who is a senior executive with over 30 years of leadership experience in early stage and high growth enterprises. Kathy talks with host Chris Odell about her history and challenges from growing up in a time where women had just entered the workplace to becoming a successful self taught executive.

Yes Kathy is Chris' mother so we explore some family history as well. It's surprising what one can learn about their own mother via an interview format vs pieces of stories told at various times.

Also discussed:
  • The surprising prevalence of very small businesses in the US
  • The importance of treating employees with great appreciation and care
  • How mindset may be the main factor in a miserable outlook
  • How once basic needs are met we can address higher level problems to help benefit all
  • How to succeed by staying true to yourself and pursuing a career that you truly care about

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Sponsored by Datsusara
Twitter: @DatsuChris
Facebook: Chris Datsusara Odell

Intro and outro music by Twenty Shades of Red with excerpts from a speech by Alan Watts  (Do You Do It, or Does It Do You).


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