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Nick Osipczak is a British Mixed Martial Artist that has fought in the UFC and also starred on "The Ultimate Fighter" tv show. Nick brings a unique perspective to the arts as he comes from a Tai Chi background and has learned how to integrate that into his MMA practice. Nick also teaches the various MMA aspects, Tai Chi, meditation and much more. He also creates sacred geometry art pieces.

Chris and co-host Peter Hyoguchi drink tea, discuss martial arts, life direction and spiritual matters with Nick. This episode was recorded at Chris' home outside and includes the sounds of crows and Kira, and Buddha (Chris daughter and dog), enjoy.

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Sponsored by Datsusara
Twitter: @DatsuChris
Facebook: Chris Datsusara Odell

Intro and outro music by Twenty Shades of Red with excerpts from a speech by Alan Watts  (Do You Do It, or Does It Do You).


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