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  • 1 min read

    Jonathan Pageau is an Eastern Orthodox religious icon carver by trade. Recently he has also been speaking on and making videos which explore the symbolic worldview.

    Chris talks with Jonathan about his personal Datsusara journey which led to his work as an icon carver and also his more recent endeavors exploring symbology in myth, religion, society and culture. Chris gets into his allergic response to organized religion and discusses literal vs symbolic interpretations of Christianity, including making sense of seemingly illogical purity laws like not mixing cotton with wool. Also much to Chris' delight the true legend of the dog headed St. Christopher is revealed. A fun, lighthearted and hopefully enlightening conversation all will enjoy.

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    Sponsored by Datsusara
    Twitter: @DatsuChris
    Facebook: Chris Datsusara Odell

    Intro and outro music by Twenty Shades of Red with excerpts from a speech by Alan Watts  (Do You Do It, or Does It Do You).

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